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Water and gas installs Melbourne

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Water & Gas Installs + Renewals Melbourne 

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The Gas Plumbers You Can Trust

For all your gas fitting requirements, whether at home, in your business, or elsewhere, count on Bayside PlumbKing.

Critical for heating, cooking, and entertainment, ensuring the safety and efficiency of your gas appliances is paramount. That's why you need skilled and experienced gas fitting professionals to handle all aspects of your:

  • Gas hot water systems

  • Ovens

  • BBQs

  • Gas cooktops, hotplates, and more!


Bayside PlumbKing do meter to fixture renewals for both defective gas/water mains and feeds.

water and gas installs bayside Plumbking
water and gas installs bayside Plumbking

The Hot Water Professionals You Can Trust

When you're in urgent need of hot water, rely on the expertise of Bayside PlumbKing to swiftly repair or replace your water heater. Don't endure prolonged discomfort without hot water in your home. As soon as an issue arises, contact Bayside PlumbKing at 0407305149, and we'll promptly dispatch one of our skilled professionals at your convenience. Trust us to restore your hot water supply promptly and efficiently, ensuring your comfort and convenience.

Cold Water Main Renewals 

BaysidePlumKing specialises in complete cold water main renewals, which encompass the overhaul or enhancement of the entire network of pipes and components responsible for distributing cold water throughout a property. This comprehensive process involves the removal of existing pipes and fittings, thorough assessment of infrastructure condition, and installation of new piping, valves, and fixtures as necessary.

water and gas installs bayside Plumbking
water and gas installs bayside Plumbking

House & Zoned Water Filter System

At Bayside PlumKing, we offer two distinct water filtration options to meet your needs. Our whole house water filter system is installed at the main water entry point, ensuring that every tap, shower, and appliance receives filtered water for comprehensive household filtration. Alternatively, our zoned water filter system features individual filtration units installed at specific points of use, allowing for targeted filtration based on the unique needs of each area. With our solutions, you can enjoy flexibility and customization to address specific water quality concerns throughout your home.

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